4 reasons not to fear owning a white sofa


Parade of Homes Furniture Staging by Perch

reason #1:  Stain repellent fabric

"I have always loved the look of a white sofa, but never dared to live with one, because as a mom of a little boy, I chose sanity over pretty," says Jeanne Stoddard. Good thing Perch's new Sunday Home fabric is water and stain repellant. "Now I can have both!"

reason #2:  It'll never go out of style. 

After all, when was the last time you heard someone say white is so last year?  Carrie Valentine paired her sofa with timeless black-accented pillows. "These are the kinds of pillows you can keep for years, and move around the house to fit your needs, because black and white never goes out of style," she says.

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reason #3: Redecorating will never be easier.

"I often go with neutral sofas for clients and myself for their versatility, then as one's tastes change, by switching up the pillows and throws, you can achieve an entirely different look," says Jana Bek, interior designer.

reason #4: relaxation is sure to follow

"I love the crisp, fresh look of white and in this living room I really wanted the space to feel like we were on vacation," says Jeanne Stoddard. In an instant, the Uptown sofa transports you to the sunny Bahamas — and the Sunday Home fabric makes piña colada spills easy to wash out as needed.